St|10| HP|10| DX|10| WIL|14| IQ|14| PER|14| HT|12| FP|12|

Basic lift |20| Basic speed |5.5| Basic move |5| Basic damage throw=1d6-2 Swing=1d6

Encumbrance Move Dodge None(0)=BL: 20 BM x 1: 5 8 light(1)=BL X2: 40 Med(2)=BL X3: 60 Hvy(3)=BL X6: 120 X-Hvy(4)=BL X10: 200

Weapon Parry Block Dodge Quarterstaff +2 0 8

Armour: Type DR MOD Skull -7 Face -5 Torso Cloth 1 0 Groin Cloth 1 -3 R Arm Cloth 1 -2 L Arm Cloth 1 -2 R Leg Cloth 1 -2 L Leg Cloth 1 -2 R Hand -4 L Hand -4 R Foot Shoe 1 -4 L Foot Shoe 1 -4

Languages: Surotaese Spoken and Written Trade Spoken and Written

Advantages/Perks Reputation – Nobles [4] lvl 2 Contact Group – Reliable from Dai Fune [10] lvl 12 Rapid Magical Recovery lvl 1


Enemy – not often from Yosuri + 15

Skills Cost Level Art – Painting 8 15 cooking 1 12 Thoumatlogy 8 14 Magery 5 0 Literature 1 12 Linguistics 1 12 Teaching 1 13 Language-trade 6 Area knowledge 1 14 Innate Attack 4 12 Staff 4 11

Spells Type Cost Level

Purify Air Air 2 14 Shape Air Air 2 14 Create Air Air 2 14 Seek water Water 2 14 Seek earth earth 2 14


3 bags of Caltraps 10LB Iron Scraps 1LB 2 pars of cloths sleeping bag Pen quill Backpack-frame Wineskin 2 canvas cases 1 man tent

total 60lb

Money $253

Party fund $47


Incredibly smart and gifted Ven grew up isolated from normal society. Content to do his own thing Ven takes pride in his painting and he is well known among the Surota nobles. He is often payed to teach painting in the noble houses. He also has a good command of language and literature.

One time Ven was tutoring a Noble’s daughter. While he was doing this the daughter became attracted to Ven (understandably so)and made advances on him. Ven, not wanting a relationship, refused her. However, during this incident,the young woman’s fiancee entered the room and saw Ven and his soon to be bride in a precarious position. The young man quickly jumped to the conclusion that Ven had forced himself upon the woman and proceeded to kill Ven. Ven got away and later found out that the man is the son of the Nobel family of Yasuri. This young prince swore to kill Ven and Ven always has to be aware of the danger he is in when he enters any town that this noble family has influence in.

A major goal that Ven has is to find beauty and paint it. He is always on the search for inspiration


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